CSL Shipping is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking strategic partnership with Asia Break Bulk (Singapore), a subsidiary of COLI Group, to jointly operate the state-of-the-art multipurpose carrier ‘Jian Yang Hua Qing.’ This landmark collaboration marks a significant milestone for both companies, expanding market coverage, enhancing capabilities, and offering unparalleled services to our global clientele.

The ‘Jian Yang Hua Qing,’ with its impressive 500-ton loading capacity and equipped with 2 x 250 mt cranes, is ideally suited for efficiently handling breakbulk, heavy lift, and project cargo. This vessel is now actively serving both CSL Shipping and Asia Break Bulk, offering seamless connectivity and flexibility to our valued customers.

“This collaboration will significantly expand our footprint in the MPP market,” said Felix Peinemann, Managing Director of the COLI Group. “COLI is continuously broadening its activities to provide clients with more sailing options and to strengthen our presence in the Chinese market.” Peinemann highlighted the recent addition of the ‘MV ABB Victoria,’ an F240 type multipurpose carrier, to their fleet, demonstrating their commitment to diversifying capabilities and handling a broader range of cargoes and projects.

Jack Lee, Managing Director at CSL Group, emphasized the strategic significance of this partnership. “This collaboration will fortify our global network, allowing us to provide enhanced services to our customers,” said Lee. The commercial, operations, and engineering teams of both entities will work closely together to maintain the highest quality and standards for their joint clients. Lee considers this partnership a substantial milestone for CSL, marking a crucial step forward in their global presence.

The combined strengths of Asia Break Bulk and CSL Shipping will bring about mutual benefits, enabling both entities to strengthen their market positions and offer superior services to their clientele. The emphasis on close cooperation between the two companies, spanning commercial, operational, and engineering aspects, will drive success and innovation in the MPP segment.

Commercial inquiries can be seamlessly managed through CSL’s Shanghai office, ABB’s Singapore team, or COLI Group’s headquarters in Hamburg, ensuring increased flexibility and convenience for our customers.

We are confident that this partnership will usher in a new era of growth and success for both CSL Shipping and Asia Break Bulk. Together, we look forward to delivering exceptional services, exploring new opportunities, and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

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